Trade Price Reviews

At Rexel we strive to achieve the most market competitive industry prices at all times and aim to communicate any reviews in a timely manner.

We wish to advise of recent and upcoming trade price reviews from several key suppliers.

For more information please click on the supplier names below:

  • Hager (effective from 1st February 2019)
  • Electra Cables (effective from 1st March 2019)
  • BizLine (effective from 1st March 2019)
  • Nexans Olex (effective from 1st March 2019)
  • ABB (effective from 1st March 2019)
  • Prysmian (effective 1st March 2019)
  • Legrand (effective from 4th March 2019)
  • Schneider (effective from 2nd April 2019)