Trade Price Review March 2021

At Rexel Australia we strive to achieve the most market competitive industry prices at all times and aim to communicate any reviews in a timely manner.

We wish to advise of recent and upcoming trade price reviews from several key suppliers.

For more information click on the links below.

  • NHP (effective from 1st March 2021)
  • Commscope (effective from 4th March 2021)
  • Stanilite (effective from 10th March 2021)
  • Brady (effective from 10th March 2021)
  • Serveredge (effective from 11th March 2021)
  • Rack Technologies (effective from 15th March 2021)
  • Unistrut (effective from 1st April 2021)
  • Wernerco (effective from 1st April 2021)
  • EzyStrut (effective from 1st April 2021)
  • Rittal (effective from 1st April 2021)
  • Omron (effective from 1st April 2021)
  • FireSense (effective from 1st April 2021)

In addition electrical cable is increasing on average by 13% in March and electrical conduit is increasing on average by 8% in April. The increases for cable and conduit are being driven by rising copper and resin costs and increased shipping costs affecting the importation on raw material.

We value your business and thank you for shopping with us.