Create a NERO Smart Home

Home Automation is highly scalable and affordable, from basic control systems such as Clipsal Iconic through to high end C-Bus automation solutions.

With the Internet of Things there are opportunities to deliver new, value-added services to customers with higher margins and competitive benefits that enable you to build close relationships with your customers rather than in an ‘install and go’ scenario. These additional services are also in higher demand due to cost saving, energy efficiency and monitoring/maintenance innovation.

High demand and awareness is being driven by consumer campaigns from tech giants promoting voice control, but to fully enable automation you need more than a voice controlled smart device – this is where the Smart Sparky comes in!

Electrical contractors need to take some steps in areas they are less used to: on top of skillsets with electricity, they need essential IT and IoT know how with an understanding of the existing connected power solutions such as Smart Panels, smart metering and the energy management and efficiency systems in the cloud.

In June 2017 IoT investment forecasts, IDC puts smart grids (electricity) and smart buildings among the top IoT use cases in smart industry. This means that electrical contractors are poised to face disruption as the demand for energy consumption and control, maintenance and monitoring goes up.

The choices for electrical contractors are relatively straightforward: to remain in a very competitive and commoditized market with high cost pressure, low margins and no-repeat business while the uptake of smart panels and smart energy efficiency solutions goes on. or to become leaders, tapping into new revenue sources with high margins, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities as they stay longer and close to customers, up the value chain?

The solutions, benefits, programs and certification paths are there, now it’s just a matter of acting.A truly intelligent home is one that can be programmed to suit your lifestyle, but also understands that needs will change. A NERO Smart Home offers all that and more with an affordable, scalable, retrofit and wireless automation solution with a smart phone or tablet acting as the control interface for all connected devices.

The NERO platforms offers a range of innovative connected devices, such as dimmers, relays, dry contact, plug packs, security and sensors.

  • Lighting Control – Control the mood and ambience of your home with one touch. Access lighting in any room at any time from anywhere in the world providing com fort, efficiency, and security.
  • Smart Security – responds immediately to any intrusions by sending a live view of your home directly to your smartphone and can notify multiple users of the event
  • Blind / Climate Control – Provides instant privacy at the touch of a button, intelligent motorised blinds can also be programmed to respond to sunlight and glare, offering greater efficiency and comfort.
  • Monitor the environment – Discrete sensors can deliver a snapshot of the environment directly to your smartphone, including light levels, temperature, humidity and UV, whilst also allowing you trigger events based on sensor readings.
  • Energy Management technology – offers full transparency of electrical consumption and allows users to track and control the energy in their home.

Rexel has partnered with Schneider Electric launching the Nero Automation platform across 30 specialist branches within the network.

The branches have a NERO Hero trained staff specialist, POS displays, Nero stock available on the shelf and the backing of the local Clipsal Technical representative.

Call Rexel on 1300 224 952 to find your nearest Nero stockist.