Beyond Blue Podcast: Shifting male attitudes – My depression doesn’t make me weak

We’re proud to support the new season of Beyond Blue’s award winning podcast series. Not Alone is a podcast where everyday Australians talk about their mental health journey to help you with yours.

On average, nine Australians die every day by suicide. Seven are men. Behind every number, there are many stories.

Brad McEwen grew up in a small regional town in the 1980s.A time when men didn’t talk about feelings. In the space of two years, Brad lost his brother and father to suicide. He didn’t see either coming.

For too long, talking about mental health has been a no-go zone between mates. It’s an attitude that Brad has long dedicated himself to changing.

This is an episode about suicide, stigma and starting conversations. You can listen on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts or click here.

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